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Avro - Seasprite

AVRO - Tollwest's Magic Arrow

Born Aug 7, 2005



  • Hips OFA Good - DTR-1073G25M-PI
  • Elbows OFA Normal - DTR-EL186M25-PI
  • Heart OFA Normal - DTR-CA377/22M/C-PI
  • Thyroid OFA Normal - DTR-TH192/22M-NOPI
  • Eyes CERF Normal - NSD989
  • PRA Clear - Optigen 07-8925
  • CEA/CH Clear - Optigen 07-8925
  • JADD OFA Probable Normal - DTR-JAD1030/101M-VPI
  • Cleft Palate OFA Clear - DTR-CP591/101M-VP1

Titles & Honours

  • Canadian Conformation Championship - CKC (Can CH)
  • American Conformation Championship - AKC (Am CH)
  • Invitee to the 2008 Eukanuba AKC Championships
  • Top 20 Toller’s in the USA, 2008
  • Canine Good Citizen - AKC (CGN)
  • Agility Dog of Canada - AAC (ADC)
  • Starters Games Dog of Canada - AAC (SGDC)
  • Advanced Agility Dog of Canada - AAC (AADC)
  • Advanced Games Dog of Canada - AAC (AGDC)
  • Masters Agility Dog of Canada - AAC (MADC)
  • Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada - AAC (MJDC)
  • Masters Gamblers Dog of Canada - AAC (MGDC)
  • Agilty Trial Champion of Canada - AAC (ATChC)
  • Excellence Standard Bronze - AAC (ExSt Bronze)
  • Excellence Jumpers Bronze - AAC (ExJ Bronze)
  • Bronze Award of Merit - AAC
  • Masters Steeplechase Dog of Canada - MSCDC

Avro is pick male from the repeat breeding of Cajun & Soda. He is 19" tall & 47 lbs, with a lovely masculine head, a golden-red coat, solid bone, very well balanced with lovely angles and a strong topline. He is very friendly, outgoing and confident, with lots of desire and drive. He LOVES to swim!

Avro had his conformation debut in July/06 at the BC Sporting Dog Spectacular - where at the BC All Retriever Club specialty show he won a 2 point Winners Dog & Best Puppy his first time in the ring! Another trip in the ring in Dec/06, resulted in a 2 point Best Of Breed win! Unfortunately he later lost those 2 points as I did not know that I had to stay for group :( oh well, he did and will, win again, so all is not lost! In Feb/07 he picked up two 2 point Best of Winners! In March he won a 2 Best Of Breeds and a group 4 to finish off his Canadian Championship at 17 months old!

In the summer of 2007 he started working on his American Ch, where in only 5 days in the ring, taking Winners Dog or better every time, Avro finished his title in October with two 5 point Best of Breed wins over specials!

He is also training in agility, where he is fast and fearless and having a great time! He has earned many agility titles - follow this link for Avro's AAC (Agility Association of Canada) results Also, in January 2008 Avro passed the Canine Good Citizen test!

He is a proven stud and his first sired litter was whelped in March 2009.

Favourite Sayings

Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History.

   -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.

    -Eleanor Roosevelt