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Look for our Next Fun Match Fall 2017!

My Dog is 14 months and 29 days old.... Can I Play?????

The minimum age for entry into this fun match is 15 months. But... we will consider allowing younger dogs to play as long as we receive and review a written age appropriate training plan. The plan would include the dog’s actual height, jump height and equipment choices that you will be making for your team mate.

Oh no! I have to withdraw.

As noted in our premium - In the event that your dog gets injured we are pleased to offer you a full refund! After we are closed (or we post that the event is full) we will only provide for a refund if we are able to fill your spot.  


Fun Match #2 - April 9 - GAME OF BONES!

Thank you so much for coming to play at our AAC Rules Starters & Advanced GAMES Fun Match. All judged by the wonderful Kim Reed! You can find your results HERE!

Fun Match #1 - January 22 - Stop Competing with Others. Start Competing with Yourself.

Thank you so much for joining us at our first Fun Match. You can find your results HERE!

“I’m a simple dog, Lavish.”

“You?? Yesterday you wanted a nuclear powered car that could turn into a jet with laser-guided heat-seeking missiles!”

“I’m a simple dog with complex tastes.”

Syncro chatting with Lavish

- Spotted Speeding Bullet

/ Bendy Black Pretzel