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About UKI


Previous UKI Trials, Results and Course Maps

UKI Fall Cup West 2019 

We had a blast watching some of the best dogs in Canada run at our Fall Cup West! Thanks to Judges Gary White and Tara LaBelle

Click HERE to get the Results

UKI Trial - March 19 - Friday Night

Judge Justine Davenport sold out the house! Thanks for playing with us and running Justine's awesome courses.

Click HERE to get the Results.

UKI Trail - February 16 - Friday Night

We were so exited to host Dan Steel's debut judging assignment. Excellent courses were enjoyed by all! 

Click HERE to get the results

UKI Trial - January 19 - Friday Night

Thanks to all the new competitors that are trying out UKI... this was our biggest Friday Night to date!

Click HERE to get the results.

UKI Trial - November 3 - Friday Night

We had so much fun running Tara LeBell's courses at our last Friday Night UKI Trail at Cedarbrook Stables in Langley.  

Click HERE to get the results.

UKI Fall Cup West - October 14 & 15

Fall Cup West 2017 is in the books! Thanks to everyone that participated or cheered on the compeititors! The courses designed & judged by Nancy Kemna & Sherry Taylor were so fun to run.

Thank you!

Nancy graciously donated her fees and mileage reimbursement and we added in Sundays raffle earnings for a total of $1,108.34 ($850 USD) to Mid-Peninsula Animal hospital to help the animals in need as a result of the California fires.

Your warm up runs raised $260 for Saints Rescue in Mission BC.

Want more information about CUPs? Follow this LINK to UKI Canada

UKI Trial - August 25 - Friday Night

Thank you to all who joined us to Play Power & Speed, Speedstakes & Agility. In Speedstakes we had a dog break the 8 yards/sec barrier (8.152 y/s - WOWZA!)

Click HERE for your results!

UKI Trial - June 30 - Friday Night Agility

Thank you to everyone that shared some laughs, won some $$ and prizes and had a great time running some fun courses. Click to see your results for:

UKI Trial - April 28 - Friday Night Agility

Thank you to all that came out and played at our first Sanctioned Event!

Click to see the your results for

There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refactors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.

Boomer & the 10th Doctor

-The Original Schnauzer